as i said in a recent post, one of my favorite things about stories is the transformation of a character. sometimes it’s obvious sometimes it’s subtle. well, to examine an obvious case just take a look at the count of monte cristo-a classic tale of revenge. the hero begins the novel as a happy go lucky sailor with a modest living. when jealousy strikes his best friend, his life is turned upside down and he spends fifteen years in chateau d’if prison. whilst enjoying his lovely stay there he works with a fellow prisoner to piece together just how and why his life took such a nasty turn and to dig an escape tunnel. unfortunately for his friend, the tunnel claims his life but just before dying he shares the secret of the treasure of monte cristo with edmond. escaping in the body bag of his friend, edmond is free to seek the treasure and exact revenge on all those who betrayed him. so you see, edmond is transformed from happy fisherman to miserable prisoner to maniacal count. i won’t spill the beans of his revenge but rest assured all ends well for edmond and horribly for his adversaries.
1: edmond the fisherman: sweater by missoni, shirt by louis vuitton, pants by hermes, weather boots by dsquared
2: edmond, the count of monte cristo: coat and bag by burberry prorsum, shirt, tie and vest by gaultier, pants by robert geller, shoes by rag and bone
3: exacting revenge: coat by dries van noten, shirt, tie and sweater by thom browne, pants and bag by louis vuitton, shoes by burberry prorsum

Great book.