joan of arc is one of those really interesting stories, because it really is about a major transformation. definitely pulls that string of “one person can change the world”. after all, she went from being a terrorized peasant, to feared military leader, to witch and then to saint. there’s no doubt she was a strong one, having lead her country to victory time and time again in the hundred years war and never denying her faith. by the end, the french considered her to be an emissary of god who was sent to save the country. they believed her to be an archangel of sorts and thus her armor was white.  whether or not you believe in her visions and story, you can’t deny she had a lasting effect on the world. 
1: joan the peasant: shirt by marni, dress by marc by marc jacobs, boots by rag and bone
2: disguised as man: vest by rag and bone, shirt by marc by marc jacobs, jeans by ralph lauren, leggings and shoes by rag and bone
3: illuminated military leader: jumpsuit by halston, shoes by fendi

She is one of my heroes - delusional or not, she still accomplished something remarkable and showed herself to be a strong and noble character. If I were to choose a confirmation name, she would be in the running.

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