nathan hale is easily one of my favorite historical figures, he was the first american spy. nathan was so good at spying, that no true likeness of him was ever created, making him a perfect candidate for textbook.  to be fair, there are statues of him around the corner from my apartment, but they are based on conjecture.  he is most famous for saying, “i only regret that i have but one life to give my country” shortly before he was hanged by the british.  his example of patriotism in the revolutionary war exemplifies the spirit of the armed forces today.  the reasons behind his actions are what made him great.  style wise, i think we can all agree that he wouldn’t wear anything imported from england, ever.  damned that king george, damn him i say.
1: reconnaissance work in england: jacket by band of outsiders, cardigan by jack spade, pants by louis vuitton, shoes by salvatore ferragamo
2: back at the alma mater (yale): shirt by michael bastian, jeans by spurr, shoes by bottega veneta
3: every spy needs a suit: head to toe moschino

I tried watching America: The Story of Us on the history channel. Wow does it suck. So here’s an interesting bit of American history, because it should be interesting.